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Dear Colleagues, Friends,

It was a great pleasure for the ESSR 2016 organising team to welcome you at the 51st Congress of the European Society for Surgical Research held in Prague at the Corinthia Hotel on 25–28th May 2016.

We fully hope that you had a great time in the City of Prague and the ESSR 2016 was beneficial and worthwhile event for your hereafter work.

All the organisers did their best to prepare a successful meeting, however it would not be resultful without you – participants. We would like to thank you for making this Meeting an achievement.

Photos from the ESSR 2016 you can find here.

and ESSR 2016 organizing team

ESSR Awards Winners

ESSR Young Investigator Award

Anne KUIJER (The Netherlands)

Factors associated with gene-expression profile use in Dutch breast cancer patients

ESSR B. Braun Award

Uta DAHMEN (Germany)

Does the effect of matrix remodeling after liver regeneration impair the decellularization process?

ESSR Best Clinical Research Award

Sabrina H. ROSSI (United Kingdom)

Genomic and prognostic associations of E-cadherin in breast cancer: an imunohistochemical study
of 3273 patients, systematic review and meta-analysis


ESSR Walter Brendel Award

Pim B. OLTHOF (The Netherlands)

Obeticholic acid accelerates liver regeneration following portal vein embolization in a rabbit model


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52nd International Meeting of
the European Society for Surgical Research (ESSR)

Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 14–17 June 2017

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